Artistic Statement:
Do what you love, love what you do!

Burnsey’s career as an artist/designer beckoned him abroad. Today he’s a fifty-eight year old family man, settled in Stuttgart, Germany; remaining however, unmistakably Liverpudlian – and is naturally proud of Liverpool’s musical heritage. Once upon a time back in the day, before setting off for university, he enjoyed the Liverpool music scene immensely and could be found knocking around with invested musos backstage, even finding himself invited on intoxicating tours and such. Since school he’d been learning to play double bass and guitar until fracturing his wrist rather badly slowed down his progress. That was around the time he started silkscreen printing, refocusing his attention altogether on the visual arts; thereby, kick-starting a career path in graphic design/public art. To cut an evolving, long story short, many years later, he bought his son a ukulele and ended up enthusiastically rekindling a love for the guitar, for lightweight travel guitars, concert and tenor ukuleles and even ukulele bass (U-Bass). At fifty-eight, he doesn’t take his singer-songwriter musical aspirations too seriously but that doesn’t stop him habitually writing songs of various kinds, just for the love of it.

These days, with online platforms; such as, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc., it’s easier than ever for musicians of all ages to trade and share music.