Workshops – ‘Art Practitioners in Schools – GUIDANCE Project

Sponsored Vinyl Artwork: Pendle Vale College,
Oxford Road, Nelson, Lancashire, (UK) BB9 8L

In brief:
Throughout 1999/10 David Reling-Burns was self-employed as a Graphic Designer, living and working in the UK. Offset with his day to day work, designing marketing materials and large-format printings for various borough councils and the private sector, he also became involved in producing public art projects. The opportunities that arrived often involved the creation of workshops; what with communities feeling, and quite rightly, entitled to a stake in the development of their future surroundings. Working as a CRB approved lead artist, his work coincided with a large-scale government programme intended to build so-called Schools for the Future. David received specialist training to run workshops via ‚Creative Partnerships – the government’s flagship creative learning programme, established in 2002 to develop young people’s creativity across England.‘ He has since run workshops with children of all ages; with young adults; within mixed communities; with pensioners and even prison inmates.